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Mad Science Lab Coconut Cream Cake 10 ml


Big Pappas Ice Cream Sandwich | Aroma from Mad Science Lab | 10 ml

Papa´s ice cream sandwich is a delicious vanilla cream ice cream with American cookies, notes of caramel, vanilla cream ice cream and a lot of other flavors that you must experience for yourself. For those of you who love ice cream, there is no excuse … You simply have to try our unforgettable Papa´s ice cream sandwich.

The aroma was developed by Mad Science Lab, also known as Baloo2. The aroma from MSL is unique and canon good.

Can be used with 50/50, 70/30 or pure VG mix.

1 piece. 10 ml. Pink Mule Mad Science Lab Aroma – Big Pappas Ice Cream Sandwich

Mixing ratio:
50/50 – 12-15%
70/30 – 15-19%
VG – 15-19%

Tips: Should mature in approx. 10-14 days.

Do NOT Vapes clean – must be diluted !!!

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