Halcyon Haze

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The Halcyon Haze series is exquisitely British and is designed for vaping connoisseurs and taste fans.

It is created by a dedicated group of London-based vapers with many years of experience in taste development. Each product undergoes a rigorous development process where carefully selected ingredients are blended to perfection.

Beyond the Halcyon Haze team’s extensive knowledge is their passion for vaping and a relentless quest to create the ultimate vape juice.

A great vape juice is not for now and then, but forever.


Our e-liquids are all produced at our plant in Wembley, North West London, within three ISO 7-certified clean rooms. Cuts Ice is a BSI-revised ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2015 accredited company and is constantly developing new quality systems and traceability levels.

We currently employ more than 20 researchers ranging from toxicologists to pharmacologists who create our products from the highest quality ingredients, all of which come from the EU or the US. All our juices are also tested by an accredited UK Trade Standards Laboratory, which tests for ethylene glycol (CAS No. 107-21-1) and diethylene glycol (Digol, CAS No. 111-46-6) (detection limit approx. 0.1%) . Diacetyl (CAS No. 431-03-8), Acetoin (CAS 513-86-0) and Acetylpropionyl (CAS 600-14-6) (detection limits approx. 0.01%).