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Vape Start With V.THRU Pro

V.THRU Pro’s mission is to be the next generation of flavorful, easy-to-use, low-cost starter suit. Refillable pod made of medical-grade materials allows you to choose your favorite flavor. 0.7 and 1.2O dual pod, providing the fullest resolution and flavor. Want to opt for vaping? Let’s start with V.THRU Pro!

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THRU every time and everywhere

The compact V.THRU Pro weighs only 44g, the size is no different from a finger, so you can enjoy vaping any time.

A delight of color

Create the image og nature with design. The colors radiate in every light and shadow, sunset, forest, neon, etc, unveils its beauty and chic in every perspective.

It´s so easy to use

The buttonless air induction starts, pick up and inhale, and the smooth and mellow flavor comes naturally.

Double the fun with 2 pods

MESH Coil og GENE Helix coil
1.2 ohm spiral heating
Rich and long lasting flavor
High nicotine delivery

GENE Chip Escort

The Flavor
GENE chip can provide a constant output voltage to ensure consistent atomization of nicotine salt, giving you a perfect flavor experience.
01 5-25W Adjustable Power
02 Sensitive Activation
03 Fresh & Pure Flavor

Seeing Every Breath

0.69′ OLED screen shows parameters such as power and power in real-time, records PUFF totals, and the duration of each PUFF. It’s a perfect substitute for smoking.

Intelligent Child-proof Mode

We are trying to protect children in every detail. It is highly recommended that you use LOCK mode,
which can be very effective to prevent children from accidentally starting.

01 Press the button 5 times
02 Long press to select the lock mode
03 Enter the lock mode after 5 minutes
04 Press the key 3 times in lock mode to start

360° Fully-fit Design

128 engineering tests, bringing a 360° full range of fitting lip comfort. You’ll feel your flavor, not a pod.

Insert Tight Pull Out Easily

Magnetic suction and buckle double reinforcement, with the super-easy groove clasp design, makes every insertion and removal of pod more handier.

No Drop of Condensate Escapes

V.THRU Pro has an independent and one-way condensate space, and is 75% more leak-proof than other pods.

Small Size Large Power

900mAh large capacity built-in battery, with Type-C 5V/1A fast charging, one charge, enjoy two days.

Name: V.THRU Pro
Material: Aluminum alloy
Pod Material: PCTG
Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 1.2O & 0.7O
Output Power: 5-25W
Battery Capacity: 900mAh Built-in Battery

Easy E-juice Filling

Pull out the silica gel plug at the pod side then refill the juice into it and finish to press back the gel plug.
Suggestion: After refilling the juice, please put the pod stand still at least 5 minutes to make the cotton soaked with juice.

Six safety protection

Overtime Protection
Shot-circuit protection
Overcharge protection
Output Over-current protection
Over discharge protection
Reverse-airflow protection
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