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KILO Candy Series Kit – Pineapple Crush 120 ml.


KILO Candy Series Kit – Pineapple Crush 120 ml.

Sweet pineapple candy crush on the inhale, ripe juicy pineapples on the exhale. This e-liquid also has a pleasant aftertaste with a long-lasting effect on the taste buds. This e-liquid is refreshing and balanced. These two flavours complement each other. Pineapple crush is the kind of liquid that you can easily vape all day long without getting bored.

The Short fill kit contains:
– 1 x KILO Pineapple Crush 100 ml.
– 2 x VG70/PG30 10ml. bottle

The content of the 2 x 10ml. nicotine base is poured into the 120 ml. bottle. Shake well. And it’s ready to be vaped and enjoyed.

If you want the flavour to be a more pronounced you can let it steep for approx. 7 days before usage.


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