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Joyetech eGo One Coil


For the eGo ONE atomizer two types of atomizer heads applies: for lung inhale and mouth inhale, each of which ensures the large amount of vapor.

eGo One coils:
The 1.0ohm is especially suitable for mouth inhale. It mimics the feeling of taking a puff of a real cigarette. With its tighter draw, it is perfect for people that wants the experience of a real cigarette.

The 0.5ohm, sub ohm coil, is especially suitable for mouth to lung inhale or direct lung inhale. The sub ohm coil can easily create huge vapor production. With its loose draw, it is perfect for any cloud chasing enthusiast.

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The eGo One coils are designed for Sub-Ohm vaping and CAN NOT be used with standard eGo type batteries.

You must ensure that your device is able to cope with the demand of power and current drain required to run them. A minimum of 30A rated battery is required. Or a variable wattage (capable of at least 20w) device designed to cope with high current load.
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0.5 ohm, 1.0 ohm

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