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Fiber ‘n’ Cotton – Premium Vaping Cotton


Fiber ‘n’ Cotton – Premium Vaping Cotton

Each reusable pouch contains approximately 10g of Fiber n’ Cotton.

Fiber n’ Cotton wick was developed with a clear focus: to create a wick that would cover all the different vape styles and gear without reducing the effectiveness of some particular aspects. A perfect alchemy of fibre selection, product design, chemistry and mechanical engineering.

The cotton is picked by hand to preserve the quality of the fibres. The purification process is perfectly balanced to ensure no break-in taste and a great absorption capacity.

The cellulose fibres are the purest available. Designed for the food industry, they combine high capillary action, completely neutral taste and safety at all temperatures.

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Thick fibres hold more e-liquid and hence produces a denser vapour. Fiber n’ Cotton is a pleasure to use: drip your favorite e-liquid and it will be instantly absorbed. Your tank will be ready to use as soon as you close it!! Last but not least, because the cellulose fibres are more resistant to high temperatures, the wick gives fantastic flavour for longer.
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