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Efest LUC Blu4 Bluetooth 4 Bay Charger


Efest LUC Blu4 Bluetooth ist ein High-End-Smart-Ladegerät, eine neue Version des Multifunktionsladegeräts Bluetooth 2016 mit APP-Softwaresteuerung und Bluetooth-Funktion. Der LCD-Bildschirm zeigt die Batteriespannung und den Lademodus jedes Steckplatzes an. Vier Steckplätze arbeiten unabhängig voneinander mit erstklassiger Sicherheitsleistung.

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Packing Details:
1pc – LUC Blu4 Bluetooth 4 Bay Charger
1pc – AC Cable
1pc – Operation manual
1pc – Warranty card
1pc – Gift Box

• AC input power: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
• DC input power: DC 12V 1A
• DC output power: DC 12V 1A
• 1.0A CC Current: 1,000mA±10%
• 0.5A CC Current: 500mA±10%
• Auto cut-off voltage 4.20±0.05V
• CV cut-off current <10% max
• Standby current: <50mA
• Activation current(battery voltage<2.90V): 10mA ~ 100mA
• Auto recharge voltage: 4.10V±0.10V
• Storage Temperature:-40°C ~ +70°C
• Operation Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C

1. 4 kinds of protection as over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
2. Auto-stop when fully charge and auto-recharge
3. Activation function
4. Reverse polarity protection
5. Over-charging protection
6. Night energy-saving mode

– Capable of charging 4pcs lithium batteries:
– Scan the QR code from the chargers gift box, from App store by searching Blu4

– Please check battery specification before charging for compatibility. If not used correctly, it may cause damage to the battery or the charger.
– Do not charge the battery if battery's wrapper is damaged to prevent explosion, leakage or fire, otherwise it will burn the charger.
– Do not use in inflammable or explosion environment.
– Please take out the battery and unplug the AC cable while not in use.
– Any scrapped, please comply with regulatory processes for recycling or disposal.
– Keep out-of-reach of children
– Misusing or mishandling chargers can pose a SERIOUS RISK to personal injury, property damage, or death.
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