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Capella eLiquid Kit – Cereal 27 120 ml.


Capella eLiquid Kit – Cereal 27 120 ml.

Have you tried vaping your breakfast? With Capella Cereal 27 you can enjoy fresh and crisp breakfast all day. Chew cornflakes, cocopops and cheerios without it cracking. Add flavor to your day with this lovely aroma that both smells and tastes like cozy mornings with family.

The eLiquid kit contain:
– 1 x Capella Cereal 27 aroma 13 ml.
– 11 x VG70/PG30 10ml. bottles
– 1 x 120 ml. Twist bottle for mixing

OBS: The content of ALL bottles must be poured into the enclosed bottle. Shake well. Now you can vape the e-liquid. It can be a goog idea to steep the e-liquid 1 – 2 days, so that the flavor becomes more intense.

If you want a less intense flavoring then reduce the volume of aroma you pour into the bottle.

All Capella flavors are:
· Free of traces of nuts and grains.
· Free from artificial added sweeteners (Sugar, Aspartame, Saccharine, Sodium).
· Free of Potassium sorbate / sorbic acid
· Gluten free.
· Caffeine free.
· Aspartame free

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