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Capella eLiquid Kit – Boston Cream Pie V2 120 ml.


Capella eLiquid Kit – Boston Cream Pie V2 120 ml.

The classic Boston Cream. Capella’s Boston Cream Pie tastes like a delicious layer cake. Lots of cake cream and some chocolate icing on top. Tastes sweet and gives a nice aftertaste of vanilla.

The eLiquid kit contain:
– 1 x Capella Boston Cream Pie V2 aroma 13 ml.
– 11 x VG70/PG30 10ml. bottles
– 1 x 120 ml. Twist bottle for mixing

OBS: The content of ALL bottles must be poured into the enclosed bottle. Shake well. Now you can vape the e-liquid. It can be a goog idea to steep the e-liquid 1 – 2 days, so that the flavor becomes more intense.

If you want a less intense flavoring then reduce the volume of aroma you pour into the bottle.

All Capella flavors are:
· Free of traces of nuts and grains.
· Free from artificial added sweeteners (Sugar, Aspartame, Saccharine, Sodium).
· Free of Potassium sorbate / sorbic acid
· Gluten free.
· Caffeine free.
· Aspartame free

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