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Fcukin’ Flava – Frosty Hacks – Red ED.- 40ml


Fcukin’ Flava – Frosty Hacks – Red Edition – 40ml

Frosty Hacks is a new take on a licorice e-liquid. It’s unique, fresh, sweet and just well rounded. You havn’t tried a delicious licorice e-liquid before you have tried this one.

The Black Edition from Fcukin’ Flava is called a ADV which stands for “All Day Vape”, that meaning it’s made to be vaped every day and even be your preffered e-liquid for a long period of time.
It does however stand in contrast to the Black Edition because there’s been added a bit less cooling. So if you’re finding the cooling in the Black Edition to strong, here’s a better option for you.

60 ml. Shake ‘n’ Vape bottle with 40 ml. concentrate mix.

Mixing ratio:
You MUST mix 2 x 10 ml. nicotine base in the mixture. It must NOT be vaped pure. Is NOT included.


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