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eLeaf Amnis 2 Kit with GTiO Tank – 1100 mAh


eLeaf Amnis 2 Kit with GTiO Tank – 1100 mAh

The iStick Amnis 2 battery packs all the functionalities in a minimalistic inventive design:
– 1100 mAh battery
– Adjustable power modes
– Resistance: 0.3 – 3,0 ohm
– Wattage: 23W max output
– Size (mm): 23 x 20 x 120
– Battery life indicator
– Type-C fast charging

There are five different power modes (low, medium, high, max, bypass) available on the eLeaf iStick Amnis 2. Switch modes by clicking the button. These are ideal for fine tuning your vaping experience depending on your coil, e-liquid or just the mood you’re in.

The eLeaf GTiO tank has a child-proof top-fill system for easy filling of e-liquid. Diameter is 20 mm. You can also adjust the airflow in the tank. The tank uses eLeaf GT coils:
– 0.60 ohm mesh coil for Direct-Lung (10 – 25W)
– 1.20 ohm kanthal coil for mouth-to-lung (7 – 14W)
– 1.40 ohm kanthal coil for mouth-to-lung (6 – 12W)

There are no threads on GT coils. To change the coil, simply pull out the coil. The e-liquid is automatically shut off, so you can even change the coil even if there is liquid in the tank. Easy!

The box contains:
1 x iStick Amnis 2 Battery 1100 mAh
1 x eLeaf GTiO tank
1 x GT M 0.60 ohm coil
1 x GT 1.20 ohm coil
1 x USB Type-C cable
1 x Lanyard
2 x User manuals

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