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Dinner Lady e Liquid

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Dinner Lady - Blackberry Crumble 50 ml.Save
Dinner Lady - Blackberry Crumble 50 ml.
EUR 15,99EUR 6,50
Dinner Lady - Orange Tart 50 ml.Save
Dinner Lady - Orange Tart 50 ml.
EUR 15,99EUR 6,50
Dinner Lady Kit - Blackberry Crumble 60 ml.Save
Dinner Lady Kit - Blackberry Crumble 60 ml.
EUR 18,00EUR 8,75
Dinner Lady Kit - Orange Tart 60 ml.Save
Dinner Lady Kit - Orange Tart 60 ml.
EUR 18,00EUR 8,75


Dinner Lady - Our Story

After careful analysis of our competitors and their vapes, along with intensive market research of consumers of vaping products, we are proud to present to you our extensive range of the finest premium quality e-liquids!

Despite years of usage and experience, our competitors still fail to realise that the development of e-liquid tastes and blends, has to be geared towards the needs of the consumer and user, and NOT based on the principle of what is cheaper to manufacture.

So no matter what your preference whether it’s sweet or fruity or perhaps a traditional tobacco blend, we have the perfect vape for you!

After trying one of our e- liquids today, whether you are new to e-cigarettes, or a seasoned user, you will understand why more and more people are joining our Dinner Lady vaping family, and benefiting from some of the finest and exquisite taste blends available on the world market today.


Dinner Lady - Our Flavours

  • Wet your appetite with our tangy Lemon Tart, blending gooey meringue with the zest of fresh lemons.
  • Maybe you’d prefer the irresistible velvety taste of our Strawberry Custard will be your favourite – a must with its silky combination of creamy custard and butter caramel overlaid with strawberries…mmm!
  • For a true taste of the old school what about our Cornflake Tart, a traditional but delectable mix of syrup with a punchy layer of jam – everything but the crunch!
  • And last but not least, the new dessert to add to the menu – smooth, creamy Rice Pudding with an irresistable add to the mixture; mouth-watering, raspberry jam.

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